Once you register you will be emailed instructions on how to create an OpenShift Developer Sandbox account. Make sure you use the same email as used with your DevPost profile.
Once the submission period opens (October 15) your Developer Sandbox account will automatically be promoted to the dedicate Hack APAC hackathon environment.


Use these online resources to help you better understand the OpenShift app platform and how it can be used to define the new normal:

  • Explore the Developer Sandbox activities to quickly get up and running (link)

  • Join Red Hat Developer (link) for tutorials, documentation and eBooks on the latest cloud-native technologies

  • Refer to the official OpenShift documentation (link)

  • For more inspiration see submitted projects for previous Red Hat sponsored hackathons:

    • Quarkus hackathon (link)

    • Hack Your Travel with OpenShift (link)

    • Code Healthy with OpenShift (link)


In addition, during the submission period, the Red Hat team will run a Slack channel available to all participants along with hosting regular 'open office hours'/ask me anything sessions.